Live life better with personalised nutrition

Tailor-made supplements and at‑home nutrition tests.

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Feel your best with personalised supplements

Tailor-made supplements and at-home nutrition tests.

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How it works

A complete view of your health

By taking your diet and lifestyle into account alongside your genetic predispositions and actual blood test results, we can work out what your body really needs.

Ingredient integrity

To get the best out of you, you’ve got to put the best into you. That’s why we go the extra mile to source the most bioavailable form of each base nutrient, such as methylated folate instead of standard folic acid, or sustainably-harvested krill oil instead of cod liver oil, to ensure you’re really absorbing all that goodness.

All of our personalised formulations are non-GMO and 100% free from synthetic fillers, bulking agents, sugar, gluten, artificial colours and preservatives, and if you’re vegan or vegetarian, we’ll make sure your vitamins are too.

Expert approval

With specialists from various, distinct areas of wellbeing, our medical advisory board ensures all recommendations and formulations reflect the latest scientific studies and highest GMP manufacturing standards.

Reliability commitment

Convenience should never come at the expense of accuracy and reliability. That’s why we partner with the most reputable laboratory partners, including our UKAS-accredited and CQC-registered blood testing facility here in the UK, as well as Illumina CSPro-Certified Service Provider in Europe and the USA to carry out our DNA testing. We’re advocates for stricter regulation in the supplement industry, and until it improves, we’ll lead the way by setting the example.

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