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Get an accurate picture of your health using our quick nutrition consultation.

Using your results, we’ll then create personalised vitamins based on your results, as well as identify where you could make dietary and lifestyle adjustments to feel your best more often.

Advanced Analysis

Results you can trust

On top of what you tell us, we’ll use science to go one step further. With easy, at-home test kits, we can help you understand the role your genetics are playing in your everyday health, as well as allow you to get an accurate reading of your vitamin and cholesterol levels so you really know what’s going on inside.

Enhance your reports with at-home test kits:

Nutrition recommendations

Made just for you

Your nutritional needs continually vary throughout different stages of life, so we’ll ensure your personalised vitamins will be made to compliment your current diet and lifestyle. They’ll fit around any requirements you may have, and will be designed specifically to help you reach your personal health goals.


Using only the best ingredients

To get the best out of you, you’ve got to put the best into you. That’s why all of our formulations are non-GMO and 100% free from bulking agents, sugar, artificial colours and preservatives.

Instead, we use the most bioavailable form of each base nutrient (such as krill oil instead of cod liver oil) to ensure you’re really absorbing all that goodness.

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Y. Kang, Watford

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