12 ways to stay motivated to keep fit and healthy

Lizzie Davis / 13 Jul 2015

Most of us want to feel healthy, confident and fantastic and what better way than by keeping fit. We know it’s good for us but it’s not always easy to keep motivated.


Here are some surefire ways to keep those motivation levels up and progress to get the best out of your fitness journey.

1. Set yourself goals

Goals are a fantastic motivating factor. It could be to do more burpees, changing how you feel in your clothes, if you want to drop a dress size, get a curvier behind, be able to do a chin-up – something that matters to you. Whatever you choose, keep it in sight and work towards it. How about making a screensaver on your phone so every time you use your phone (let’s face it – that’s all the time) you are reminded of your goal!

2. Diairise your workouts

If it is in the diary, you are more likely to actually do your workout. Schedule the time as you would a meeting or having a beauty appointment. You will be less likely to make an excuse if you see it in your diary.

3. Plan and record your workouts

Make sure you plan ahead if you are working out in the gym. Know what you are going to be doing and how you are going to do it. There are plenty of helpful apps to create and store your workout so as you finish a set you can tick it off in the app as completed. This also helps track your progress…

4. Track your progress

A sense of progression is a great motivating tool. Whether you use an app or write it down, track your workouts so you can see that you are lifting heavier, sprinting faster or adding more intervals. If you are seeking to lose weight, get a tape measure and measure your waist and hips and mark it in the diary at the same time each week to measure yourself and record the results. Taking “selfies” each week also helps you to see how your body is changing.

5. Reward yourself!

If you achieve your goal then reward yourself, you deserve it! Have a reward list ranging from smaller items up to the bigger ones such as a holiday. How about if you set five goals and you hit them all, then you head off and get some sunshine! On the journey you can set smaller rewards such as that top you’ve had your eye on, a new pair of trainers, a spin class at a boutique studio or a delicious meal out; the list is limitless.

6. Feel fantastic

Feeling confident in your activewear is so important. You wouldn’t go on a date feeling unconfident in what you are wearing, would you? So why have a date with your body feeling less than fantastic? Buy leggings that feel great when you put them on, a bra that is supportive and comfortable and trainers you love not only the feel of, but also the look. If you feel fantastic, your positive mindset will make your training so much better!

7. Plan your outfit

If you are planning to hit the gym before work, choose what you are going to wear the night before and lay the clothes out. Try putting the clothes in your eye line so that when the alarm goes off you have a lovely big stretch, break a big smile, open your eyes, see your gym kit and then get up! You are much more likely to jump out of bed and hit the gym instead of rolling over and hitting the snooze button.

8. Find a gym buddy

Team up with a friend to workout together. This makes it so much more fun and you can keep each other motivated. Have different gym buddies for different activities. One you meet in the park for running followed by brunch (you see – rewards are great!), another friend you hit a yoga class with and another that you do HIIT workouts or boxing sessions with. Splitting a personal training session saves money too.

9. Mix it up

Keep your training varied. Getting bored is not an option because if you lose motivation, more than likely you will train less effectively and your body will not be as reactive to change. Your body and muscles needs stimulating just as your mind does!

10. Eat to train

Make sure you eat right to fuel your workout to provide enough energy for the duration and reward your body afterwards. Think about what you eat throughout the day and time it wisely for your session, as well as drinking plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Many studios offer tasty protein shakes that have the perfect balance of protein and carbohydrates for after your blast.

11. Think positive and be positive

Don’t have any negative thoughts about your workout. If you do, then turn these negative thoughts around and be positive. Think of three upbeat words to associate with your workout and remember how fantastic you will feel afterwards. Keep your goals in mind and work towards them.

12. Keep your playlists fresh

Music is such a fantastic mood booster and motivator while working out. Keep your playlists fresh so you don’t get tired of them. Pick music you want to dance to, have fun with it! There are so many uplifting and free podcasts you can subscribe to as well. Spotify even have a running section so the tracks match your tempo.

Now go “HIIT” it and enjoy!