2021 reflections and 2022 goals

The VITL Nutrition Team

Looking back and looking forward, we assess the year we've had and the year we've got to come.


The mantra “new year, new me” is flung around at this time of year as we prepare for the new year ahead. But before we look to the new year we want to take the time to reflect on 2021. This year has been a challenging one as we’ve all worked hard to get back to normal life, the pandemic still playing a central role in our lives. Looking back at our key achievements is important to stay positive and celebrate things we have accomplished. 

Read below the achievements and goals from Vitl’s team. 

Quotes from team Vitl:

“Moving into my new home and adapting to working from home pretty much full time have been my key achievements of 2021. For next year; I want to incorporate more movement/exercise into my life and see the Vitl team in person!” - Jenny, our superstar Graphic Designer.

“My key achievement this year has to be moving to a new city! I've loved the transition of moving to London. My goal for 2022 is to do more dance classes as they make me so happy” - Bella, our legendary Customer Delight and Marketing Associate.

“Keeping my family happy and healthy, as well as starting work with the amazing Vitl team obviously (!) have been my key achievements this past year. For 2022 I want to double retail sales and a more personal goal is to run a semi-respectable time in the London Marathon” - Bill, our fabulous National Account Manager. 

“This year, my main achievement has been doing things for myself and prioritising spending time on things I actually like doing, which has had a huge impact on my wellbeing, so essentially learning to say no! And for 2022, I want to keep going with this.” - Christina, our wonderful Nutrition Associate.

“I think an achievement in the past year was just getting through a tough year with Covid restrictions and spending more time with my family and friends when its been possible, especially given 2 of my siblings got married this year which was great! A goal for next year is to give more time to others, in the form of fundraising or volunteering.” - Jamie, our awesome Customer Delight and Operations Associate.

How can we make our goals last all year?

More often than not, we start with very good intentions only for them to be forgotten on day 3 of the new year. Relatable? I certainly have done that and so have many people I know! 

Well we believe that it has to do with how we set our goals, and not just the goals in the context of health (although this is what we will be discussing). Behavioural change is one of the hardest things to do, so starting small and building a consistent habit is fundamental. Ok, that sounds logical I hear you say….

Have you heard of the SMART concept? This is the gold-standard for goal setting. By making our goals; 

S- specific: Going right down to the nitty gritty details of the goal helps to achieve it.

M- measurable: This is to ensure we know whether we've hit our goal or not. Pretty crucial.

A - achievable: Well this one speaks for itself - if our goal is to become a Michelin star chef and we haven’t stepped into the kitchen before, this may not be attainable. Small steps!

R - relevant: My favourite one as it really makes us ask ourselves, why do we want to achieve this goal? Is it because we want to impress our neighbour? Or is the motivation intrinsic, i.e. it comes from within? For example, if we want to be more confident at cooking to nourish our body better, then that would be a relevant and good reason for our goal!

T - time: Making your goal time specific will ensure it doesn’t drag on forever but will often give us motivation to get started. We all love a deadline, don't we?

We hope these tips help, and please let us know what goals you are setting next year on our social media!

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