5 easy ways to boost your immunity this autumn

The VITL Nutrition Team

With winter on its way, we’re remembering to take our vitamins and stocking up on these top foods to keep illness at bay.


Long work hours and even busier social lives can make it tricky to stay on top of a healthy eating routine and remain cold-free. We always advise getting your nutrients from a varied diet year-round. This autumn, you may not realise that the first step in supporting your immune system is sitting in your fridge. Discover the top 5 immunity-supporting foods our in-house nutritionists’ curated so that you can add them to your next shopping list.


They may not seem as glamorous as an acai bowl topped with dragon fruit, but a humble serving of oats is a wonderful immune-supportive way to kickstart your day. Oats are known for their cholesterol-lowering, energy-yielding, satiety-inducing abilities. They contain beta-glucan and zinc, which are shown to stimulate cells involved in fighting infection1


Famed for their success in benefitting our gut health, probiotics are friendly bacteria found in yoghurt (and other fermented foods). Exciting studies have shown that probiotics can help our immune cells function. Which in turn increases our ability to stay fighting fit for the oncoming party season. We like to make sure that our choice of yoghurt contains ‘live cultures’ and no added sugars. However, if you can’t stomach yoghurt, Vitl can sort you out with a probiotic that is bouncing with beneficial bacteria2


There is fascinating research exposing the many therapeutic effects of mushrooms- be it in a stir fry, an omelette or brewed in a cup of special tea or coffee. Mushrooms can activate our immune response while strengthening and restoring the various immune cells involved in keeping us healthy and reduces the inflammation in our body that makes us sick3,4


This root-like stem has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine for its range of health-supporting properties. Add it in root or powder form to breakfast, lunch and dinner, or concoct your own golden milk, aka turmeric latte, as a comforting way to send you off to sleep with your defence mechanisms prepped and in place5


When crushed or chewed, garlic releases its own immune-enhancing ingredient called ‘allicin.’6. Garlic should be consumed both as a preventative and a healing measure. It has shown to be successful in staving off colds and cases of flu but also in lessening the severity and duration of symptoms7,8

Manifest your self-care September by incorporating these immune-boosting foods into meals and snacks this Autumn to help you see you through the oncoming cold and flu season. To make sure you never miss a beat in your nutrition, Vitl can also personalise your vitamins to suit your needs based on your current diet and lifestyle. Click here to get 50% offyour first month!