5 easy and simple ways to improve your health

Ali Silver / Jun 8, 2016

Being healthy doesn’t require mammoth changes, restrictions, and rules. Health is a spectrum – what is right for one person, may not suit your lifestyle. With that in mind, here are some things that we can all do to make our lives a bit happier and healthier.


1. Eat breakfast

If you’re a regular breakfast eater, I salute you. If not, then here’s the how and the why. If you’re short on time, make it protein based. High street chains like Pret, Leon and Itsu make this super easy if you can’t spare the time in the morning. The big 3 benefits of eating breakfast are improved energy, metabolism and blood sugar.

2. Get moving

Yes, working out is good for you. But if your job or lifestyle requires you to be mostly sedentary then I advise you to maybe skip that gym session (which may stress you out even more) and take a walk. Get off the bus a few stops earlier, walk around the block on your lunch break or hit the park and ring someone you haven’t seen in a while.

3. Eat more

I use the approach ‘crowding out’, which simply means, adding more of the good stuff to your diet, rather than taking out the bad. If you can’t resist that piece of pizza, then why should you! Just add a big side of greens with that. 

4. Commit to time off

We’re a generation who, via social media, feel like everyone is busy working, travelling and generally being productive at all times, which leaves us feeling massively guilty when we just want to chill out in front of Netflix. I like to schedule in my ‘rest time’, just like I would a work or social commitment. Quiet or alone time is essential for mental health, creativity, and energy. Your body will thank you for it!

5. Pop a supp’!

Keep it simple by taking VITL supplements, which cover all your bases in one handy, portable strip. No excuses!