Low energy levels: 7 ways to boost energy & feel energised

Libby Limon BSc NT mBANT / Feb 1, 2016

As the winter months draw on, our energy levels tend to be at the lowest at this time of year. It can be tempting to start to reach for sugary treats or coffee to get through the day. However, there are other better ways to naturally support your energy levels from the ground up, giving you a sustainable boost, leaving you feeling energised.


Maca - Maca is the superfood of one of the oldest civilizations on earth – the Incas and Peruvians. Over the centuries maca has been called “the food of the gods”. For centuries people have been using it for everything from boosting their immune system to anti-aging, but most simply love the non-caffeinated burst of energy they get from maca’s B vitamins, iron and calcium. Its superfood energy boosting qualities are why we included it as a major ingredient in our new product. 

Green Tea - If you need a caffeine hit to start the day or get you through the afternoon, skip the coffee and pick green tea instead. Green tea helps stimulate energy production in a sustained and calm way as it contains caffeine along side a calming amino acid called l-theanine. It has been shown to help burn fat and boost metabolism.

Raw Cacoa - Raw cacao, unrefined chocolate, is packed full of health boosting antioxidants as well as two major energy boosting compounds, PEA (phenylethylamine) and Theobromine. Raw cacao powder contains exceptionally high concentrations of PEA, which is also known as the ‘love drug’ because as well as increasing energy levels, alertness and concentration, it also heightens libido. Theobromine is a mild natural stimulant similar to caffeine not only does it help liberate fat stores to burn as energy it increases our sensation of pleasure by boosting serotonin levels.

Humble Wholegrains - Carbs have had a rough ride in the last few years but they are for most people a beneficial part of the diet. They contain energy-yielding complex carbohydrates slowly released due to fibre content. They are also a rich source B . Combining food groups for slow release energy, is key at every meal to maintain blood sugar balance and thus maintaining your get-up-and-go throughout the day. Every meal and snack should have the perfect balanced formulation of fruit or veggie + a whole grain + lean protein + plant-based fat.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D is the wonder vitamin that many of us are deficient in due to lack of sunshine, no more so than at this time of year.  Recent studies* have shown that deficient not only effects our bone health and immune system, but also our ability to produce energy from the food we eat via the mitochondria. Make sure you are getting all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omegas you need on a daily basis by taking the VITL Nutrition Pack.

Coconut MCTS - Coconut MCTS, medium chain triglycerides are the fats found in abundance in coconuts. It is a myth that fat makes you fat. Fat is the human body’s second favourite energy source after carbohydrates, and MCTs are favoured type of fat to be burnt to produce energy. They have also been shown to help the body balance blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity**. Thus a diet high in coconut may help you with your energy levels.