An interview with Adam O'Shea, VITL ambassador and PT

Adam O'Shea / Aug 22, 2016

Adam has been a personal trainer for seven years and is based in London. He currently works at Virgin Active 200 Aldersgate as a Master Personal Trainer and is 1 of just 10 in the UK. He is also a Specialist Biomechanics Coach, Boxing Coach, and Olympic Weightlifting Coach. Adam is the newest member of the #teamVITL Ambassador community so we caught up with him to find out his top health hacks and favourite fitness tricks.


Tell us a little bit about you! What do you do and how did you get here?

I'm a personal trainer, I started down this path seven years ago after having to do a lot of rehabilitation for a leg injury. I'd always played sports and enjoyed being in the gym so I decided to turn my enthusiasm into a career. I haven't regretted that decision once! I currently work at Virgin Active 200 Aldersgate as a Master Trainer with a largely corporate client base. I also do a fair amount of online coaching.

When did your wellbeing journey begin?

I've always been active since I was a kid but I'd say in the last few years I'm starting to look at a more holistic approach to health and fitness rather than just the performance aspect. Making sure you get what your body needs in terms of energy and nutrients, for example. Also mental health too, I think a positive, happy outlook is as important as physical health and fitness.

What has been your greatest health or fitness achievement?

I did a 2-year stint as an operations manager at a health club and during this time, long hours and a need for convenience got the better of me. Weight crept on until I realised that enough was enough. I decided to get back to the old me and lost 2 stone. I've been there and done it which helps me understand what my clients are going through.

Do you have any top tips for losing weight? What did you find worked in particular?

Fasted cardio works without a doubt! Also mixing that up with high-intensity interval training and circuit training are great ways to burn more calories. Make sure you still follow a decent resistance training routine alongside those.

What does your morning routine look like?

A 4am alarm, a 4:44 train. A much needed 5:50 double espresso and a 6am client.

Wow, so no breakfast!?  

I tend to eat breakfast around 8am after my first couple of clients. If I eat first thing, I run the risk of opening Pandora's box... I've been known to eat well over triple what I should in a day, oops!

What do you think is the biggest health/ fitness myth?

That fat turns into muscle and visa versa.

What’s your top health hack?

I don't usually condone crash diets but if you need to drop a few pounds in a few days then eating Salmon and pineapple 3 times a day is a far healthier way to go about it than other diets like the Atkins.

Salmon and pineapple? Any particular reason?

You get protein, omegas, vitamin c and fibre, it's far healthier for you than other crash diets which have very high saturated fat levels. Also smoked salmon is delicious!

In your opinion, what is the number one exercise everyone should do?

Burpees! They're so good for everything. You need them in your life.

Are there any exercises you wish people didn’t do?

I don't get why people to side bends holding a weight, why would you want to add thickness to your waist!!?

What’s the most common exercise you see performed incorrectly?

Deadlifts are the number one culprit for incorrect form, speak to a professional before attempting them. Other than that just general ego lifting is pretty common.

What’s on your bucket list?

Unrealistically: to set foot in every country in the world. Realistically: to see the 7 natural wonders

Is there a particular quote you live by or that motivates you?

"Fall seven times. Stand up eight"

What is one thing you would like everyone to try, remember or know?

That a latte on average has 250 calories. Just stop it, please!

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