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Become a VITL ambassador today!

The Vitl Nutrition Team / Jun 6, 2018

We've launched our new DNA Nutrition tests and we're looking for inspiring health and wellbeing gurus to help us spread the word!


Although 99.9% of our DNA is the same as any other human on the planet, the remaining 0.1% that varies from person to person is what makes us unique; deciding not only our eye and hair colour but how we respond to certain types of dietary, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Now, from a simple cheek swab, you can access key insights that'll last a lifetime about your own genetic traits, including: 

  • The best type of diet and exercise for your body 
  • Your metabolic rate, appetite and predisposition to snacking 
  • The likelihood of you experiencing digestive issues 
  • Your ability to absorb key nutrients including iron, vitamin D, omega 3 and more 
  • How well your body handles alcohol, caffeine and dietary fat 

From the small decisions like how much coffee to drink and when to call it a night after going out drinking, to bigger decisions like what type of exercise routine to follow, supplements to take and what kind of foods to incorporate or avoid, a DNA Nutrition test will be able to help you learn how to work with your body for longterm health and wellbeing. 

Does that sound like something you and your followers would be interested in? Then we'd love to hear from you! 

I highly recommend the DNA nutrition test in order to tailor your lifestyle and diet to your needs. The thorough and detailed results were hugely helpful. Each section comes with a further breakdown of the scientific details and even specifies what SNP markers led to the indication. The explanatory information gives advice on how to tune your nutrition for your specific DNA results. Really useful and insightful way to shape your nutrition and health tailored specifically to you." - Zay

How does it work?

1. We send you a FREE kit so you can do your own DNA test! Once you've posted your sample to our lab in the prepaid postage bag, it will take 2 - 3 weeks to process your results.

2. We'll set you up with a unique coupon code to share and tracked links to make sure we track every order that you generate. 

3. You post on your social media channels about your DNA Nutrition Test experience and what you learnt from your results - we recommend doing a blog review and sharing this on your email newsletter if you run one and your social channels. You can post your code on any of your social media profiles!

4. We'll let you know when the first orders come through with your coupon and we'll pay your commission for all sales at the end of each month for as long your code remains active. 

What you get

  • Your own FREE DNA test (RRP £199) including full analysis and personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations from our nutritionists. 
  • A best-in-market offer for your friends, family and followers
  • 12% commission every time someone uses your unique ambassador code to purchase a DNA Nutrition test
  • A dedicated VITL rep to help get you set up and to support you throughout the campaign

To see how this has worked in the past, check out our recent collaboration with Lizzie Loves Healthy. Lizzie shared the offer on her email newsletter, blog and Instagram and has seen over 240 people use her code, earning her nearly £3000! We've also seen early success from ambassadors like Benwesfit who saw a handful of sales just from posting about sending his sample off in the post!

How to apply

Get in touch by emailing us here letting us know a little about you and your followers, how you intend to promote the VITL DNA kit and links to your blog and/or social media profiles. 

Terms and conditions

VITL will review applications on a case by case basis. We have a limited number of free kits we are able to giveaway so some applicants may not be successful. You are prohibited from sharing your code or links on any coupon or discount site. 

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