Boost your health with the perfect cup of tea

London Tea Club / 30 Jun 2015

Making your daily routine a little bit healthier can be as easy as putting the kettle on for a cup of tea.


The health benefits of tea have been the subject of many studies in recent years. Plus, the simple act of taking time for tea gives you space to relax and decompress before jumping back into your busy day.

Perhaps you feel that you ‘should’ drink more tea, but you never get around to it, or you’ve never found a tea that tastes good to you. If that sounds like you, read on. Good quality tea is full of flavour and can be a healthy alternative to high-calorie beverages full of sugar or artificial additives.

Our friends at London Tea Club tell us about their perfect day – where a great tea cup of tea is never far away!


Replace your morning lemon water with cold-brewed Kukicha green tea which can be steeped in the fridge overnight. Smooth and buttery with hints of sweetcorn, this Japanese tea is made from stems and twigs of the tea plant and pairs well with a breakfast of oatmeal with berries and walnuts. The tea’s gentle caffeine combined with the L-theanine gives a gentle boost of sustained energy and mental clarity without the jitters that coffee may induce. Don’t forget to follow with your VITL for the day, although these should be taken with a cold drink.


Work might keep you busy but make time to enjoy your lunch. This is when we usually have a mug of Big Red Robe oolong tea. Not as strong as a black tea, but darker and roastier than a green tea, this famous oolong has hints of cherries and dark chocolate. Toasty and sweet without the need for sugar, the tea will give you a sweet hit without unbalancing your blood sugar levels.


Time for a cuppa. Try London Tea Club’s signature Creme Earl Grey. A splash of almond milk and agave syrup complement the citrusy notes and creamy flavour, but not much is needed since the tea is already so robust. The black tea pairs well with our favourite raw chocolate protein brownies for a little boost to get you through until dinner.


Busy week? Keep your brain powered up and top up your omega-3s with Madeleine Shaw’s sesame-roast salmon with sweet potato mash. It’s too late in the day for more caffeine, so after dinner it’s time for a Chocolate Mint Rooibos. Smooth with a hint of cooling mint, this caffeine-free tea from South Africa is the perfect digestif.

Tea Time Made Easy

Our passion at London Tea Club is to introduce members to the world of tea. Every month we curate a unique selection of teas, and send you three teas based on your taste preferences.

The club makes it easy to indulge in your love for a good cup of tea by shipping tea to your door every month and providing tea filters to simplify brewing. Simply add a scoop of tea into the filter, place it in your cup, and add water. Like VITL’s daily strips of supplements, our tea vials are perfect for travel as well.

The Sweet Spot

Good habits are built one step at a time. Every time you opt for tea rather than a high calorie drink, you reinforce this daily health boost. And every time you take a moment to pause for tea and a meal rather than working through your lunch break, you choose to value your own mental and physical wellbeing.

But don’t drink tea just because we tell you it’s good for you. We believe that once you taste fresh, high quality tea, you’ll never look back. That’s the sweet spot: finding something that tastes great and is good for you too! 

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