Building habits that last

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 23 Feb 2022

Our in-house nutritionist gives tips on how to build healthy habits that last.


Have you ever wondered why a healthy routine and diet comes so easily to some, but not to others? If you're on social media you've most likely come across 'those people' who seemingly have it all together. We know that hitting targets and being consistent is hard! Here are our top tips to help you build habits that last!

Set a clear goal

Whether it's going for a daily walk or meditating more often, it is so important to have a clear idea of what your target is. Generic and abstract targets like ‘be healthier’ or ‘be active’ may be good mantras to help you stay on track, but clear, small and implementable day to day goals are key to helping you reach your bigger picture goal.

If your goal is to get healthier and active, start your week by writing down your day to day micro-goals! The more specific, the better. Doing 30 minutes of cardio, taking your daily supplements, or aiming to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day are good examples of micro-goal setting.

Give it time

Creating new habits takes time, especially if it isn't something you are used to doing. ​​It can take between a couple of days to a couple of months for a new habit to stick around and of course, some habits are easier to form than others.

Allow yourself to make mistakes

It's perfectly ok (and normal) to make mistakes or feel unmotivated from time to time when building new habits.

Very often we feel that if we haven’t done what we set out to do that day, it’s no longer worth trying the next day. Slip-ups and mistakes will happen, it’s all about how you react when they do.

Sneak new habits into your current habits!

Certain habits like making our bed, cooking breakfast or taking a bath are ‘me time’ that we all inevitably do! Try to make the most out of them by incorporating your new habits into your favourite routines. If for instance you want to stick to taking your supplements daily, try to take them during your breakfast & make a ritual out of it! If you want to start meditating more often, why not doing it during your bath or shower? ‘Sneakily’ adding new habits to your routine is an easy and effective method to make them stick around, so worth giving it a shot!

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