Celebrating International Women's Day

The VITL Nutrition Team

To celebrate International Women's Day, we spoke with two inspirational women on health, happiness and self-care.


Safiyyah Syeed AKA @thehijabiboxer

Saf, self-titled the 'Hijabi Boxer' uses her platform to empower girls by encouraging them to love their bodies through sports. Her journey into amateur boxing began after her own battles, taking on one competition at a time. 

What inspires you to do what you do?

"Myself and most importantly my past. I want to be the person that I needed to look up to when I was growing up."

What are your self-care must do's?

"A break from my phone, listening to music, my skincare routine and doing something different from my crazy day-to-day, like art or dance."

Do you have any health or nutrition rituals?

"I have a home-made haldi mask which I like to put on. I also find that meditation is key. I pray 5 times a day, it really sets my day."

Lolly Streek AKA @lollystreek

With a growing following on social media, Lolly is breaking down boundaries surrounding age and disability.

Can you give us a little background about your journey here?

"I wanted to share my journey of wellness and self-love with a wider audience, to break the norms of representation of older women and challenge the stereotypes of being disabled or having silver hair. I want to be the better version of myself each day and inspire others to do the same."

What self-care rituals do you follow?

"I absolutely make sure I get enough sleep, enough ‘me time’ and drink plenty of water. We hear this time and time again, but it’s because it’s true and it works! If I'm feeling in physical pain or emotionally low, this can be lifted with a simple glass of water or a decently deep bath! Water is powerfully healing in many ways."

What habits do you try to do every day? 

"I start each day with oil pulling, dry body brushing, herbal tea, meditation and some gentle stretches. I get out in nature daily and spend the evenings using my homemade facial & body oils to Gua Sha and massage. Every day can become a 'spa day' and a treat if you work it all into your daily life! I also have a pantry filled with supplements which I add to my juices & smoothies each day. I love Insight Timer for Meditations, with DavidJi as one of my favourite people to listen to."

What is your mission going forward? 

"I’m keen to share my story to a wider platform, still learning along the way more about healing & self-love. With a combination of a better lifestyle, changes in eating habits, finding the right supplements, taking up reiki & meditation, and dancing more (which all equal ‘self-love’), I’ve been able to stay off the strong meds for over five years now, and see that as such an achievement. I want to share with others all I have learned along the way! I want to show that if we all tap into this combined energy of womenkind to fiercely love ourselves, we will be equipped with the tools to own our own power and place in this world."

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