Coming off The Pill? Here's how to balance your hormones.

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 13 May 2020

Thinking about switching to a non-hormonal contraceptive method? We’ve partnered with HANX, the sexual wellness brand (co-founded by an experienced gynaecology doctor), to give you everything you need to help your body adapt.


Whether it’s lockdown that’s prompted you, dwindling Pill supplies, a rapidly approaching ‘best before date’ on your coil, or whether you simply want to get a better grip on your monthly cycle (or even want to start trying for a baby), a little preparation can go a long way when it comes to coming off hormonal contraceptives.

Anything that affects hormone balance is likely to cause any number of side effects, both positive and negative. Some women experience weight loss, others weight gain, some may find their skin clears up whereas others may breakout. Headaches, cramps and other PMS symptoms may all be experienced as a result of hormonal changes, so it’s natural to feel reluctant to make any changes, but fortunately, for most women, these side effects should be temporary and there’s a lot you can do to help your body to adjust.

Hormone Harmony - in partnership with HANX

The new ‘Hormone Harmony Kit’ launched by HANX in partnership with Vitl and other wellness brands is designed to empower women with knowledge and tools to help them take charge of their sexual health. 

As well as special access to forum discussions with Dr Sarah Welsh (HANX Co-Founder) to explore side effects and separate fact from fiction, you’ll also be able to track your progress with weekly check-ins to chart any side effects you experience. 

The Hormone Harmony Formula 

Exclusively formulated by Vitl’s in-house team of nutrition experts, the Hormone Harmony formula has been designed specifically to help support your hormones by balancing your nutrient levels as you transition off hormonal contraceptives. 

Hormonal contraceptives impact the body’s nutrient levels in a number of ways (which we explored in a previous blog post here) so to help prevent and minimise any potential side effects you may experience as your hormone levels rebalance, each daily Hormone Harmony supplement provides the following: 

  • Vitamin D3 - As transitioning off the pill can result in lower vitamin D levels1.
  • Vitamin K - Which has been shown to work in conjunction with vitamin D to support bone health.
  • Vitamin B12 - As oral contraceptive use is associated with low serum B12 levels3.
  • Folic acid - As oral contraceptive use has been shown to deplete blood folate concentrations4.
  • Iodine - This nutrient supports thyroid health; prolonged use of oral contraceptives can affect thyroid hormones5.
  • Biotin - Vitamin B7 contributes to normal psychological function and helps support healthy skin and hair, which can both be affected when coming off the hormonal contraceptives.
  • Zinc - This essential mineral contributes to normal cognitive function, fertility and reproduction.
  • Vitamin C - A potent antioxidant that increases iron absorption and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. 
  • Magnesium - Oral contraceptive use has been shown to deplete magnesium levels6

The Hormone Harmony formula is suitable for vegans and, like all Vitl supplements, it's free from artificial fillers, colours and preservatives to ensure maximum absorption. 

As well as a month supply of Vitl Hormone Harmony supplements, the HANX Hormone Harmony kit provides £80 worth of goodies including HANX vegan condoms and water-based lubricant, Pukka Womankind organic herbal tea bags, DAME organic cotton tampons, fourfiveCBD oil, and a TONIC15 facemask, all for just £39.99!

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