Gluten-free carrot cake with banana frosting recipe

Natalie Thomas / Mar 16, 2016

​If you’re looking for an Easter dessert that’ll impress your guests, Natalie from @feastingonfruit is here to help. This healthy twist on the traditional carrot cake features a moist gluten free sponge and a sugar free frosting. While the ingredients are a little unconventional, it’s the perfect free from Easter cake and tastes just like a carrot cake should.



1 ½                 cup rolled oats

2                     medium carrots (about ¾ cup grated)

1 cup              dates

1 cup              water

1 tbsp.            baking powder

1 tsp.              cinnamon

¼ tsp.             nutmeg

¼ tsp.             ginger

¼ cup             coconut sugar (see note)

Creamy Banana Frosting

2 cups            freeze dried bananas (one 2.5 oz package)

½ cup             non-dairy milk

Granola Sprinkles

¾ cup             rolled oats

½ tsp.             cinnamon

2 tbsp.            brown rice syrup


For the cake:

1. Preheat the oven to 350F.
2. Grind the oats into flour.
3. In a food processor, combine the dates and water to form a paste.
4. Add the carrots. Process until there are no large chunks of carrot left.
5. Add the baking powder, spices, and coconut sugar. Process to combine.
6. Add the oat flour. Process to form a thick batter. It will be thicker than a normal cake batter.
7. Pour the batter into a 6" round cake pan lined with parchment paper (or oiled). Smooth the top.
8. Bake at 350F for approximately 50 minutes, or until the top is domed and no longer squishy in the middle.
9. Let the cake cool completely before frosting.

For the granola sprinkles:

1. Mix everything together with a fork until clumpy
2. Spread out on a lined baking sheet.
3. Bake for 10 minutes at 350F, let it cool.

For the banana frosting:

1. Blend everything until smooth.
2. Now assemble your glorious cake and devour!


You could leave this out, but I found the cake not quite sweet enough for my tastes with just the dates. It's up to you.