High perfromance wear: why you should make the switch

The Sports Edit / Nov 3, 2015

Still wearing your favourite cotton sweats to work out in? We’re all for being comfortable when you’re sweating, but here are a few reasons why you should consider making the switch to technical exercise gear.


1. You’ll stay dry

Technical fabrics are wicking, which means they draw moisture away from the body and out of the fabric, keeping you cool and dry as you burpee your way through a workout class. Cotton is not wicking, and will hold on to your sweat. Wearing a shirt or bottoms that are not moisture-wicking can actually slow you down — and potentially hinder you from reaching your fitness goals!

2. You’ll smell better

Running tops with breathable sections in high-sweat zones such as armpits, chest, and back ensure you are as comfortable as possible so you can run faster and longer, AND keep you smelling great as odours don’t have a chance to form because the sweat is being evaporated and wicked away from your body

3. You’ll recover faster

Wondering why you’d invest in a pair of fancy tights to run in? Compression fabric that supports your muscles will ensure your body is streamlined as you sprint and will help you recovery afterwards by providing extra stability.

4. You’ll stay safe

Running in the morning, as the sun is going down, and at night has an element of risk, especially if your workout gear of choice is black. Technical fabrics that have reflective details or reflectivity woven into the fabric will ensure you’re seen and staying safe as you run.

Whether you’re a yogi, gym lover, or runner, making the switch to fabrics that were designed for your activity in mind is a guaranteed game changer!