Our Top 10 Health & Fitness Influencers of 2020

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 17 Dec 2020

We’ve been keeping a close eye on health and wellness influencers this year to bring you a round-up of our favourites.


Name: Jayne Lo AKA jayne.lo

Why we love them: Personal trainer and weightlifter, Jayne shares workout inspo, feel-good vibes and relatable real-talk. 

What to look out for in 2021: More workouts and more motivation to help you reach your fitness goals.

Name: James Stirling AKA london_fitness_guy

Why we love them: Great workouts and all-round positivity.

What to look out for in 2021: Big things are in store for James in 2021, we’re expecting workouts and maybe even some special guests? Can’t wait to see it!

Name: Louise Thompson AKA live.like.louise

Why we love them: Not only are her pics stunning, they’re full of positivity, energy and fun! 

What to look out for in 2021: More great content featuring at-home workouts with fiance Ryan, Koji and new puppy Toto! 

Name: Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou AKA isawelly

Why we love them: Isa-Welly is shares great health tips and epic online pilates lessons.

What to look out for in 2021: More motivation to help us live life better. 

Name: Esmee Gummer AKA esmee_ldn

Why we love them: Motivation is in her job title, coach Esmee shares great tips for keeping fit and staying healthy. 

What to look out for in 2021: Now working with Virgin Active as their Head of Exercise Wellness, we can’t wait to see how Esmee changes the exercise and mental health space. 

Name: David Templar AKA temp_tation

Why we love them: For all of you out there looking for a challenge, Temps’ has got you covered - his workouts are tough! 

What to look out for in 2021: Feel-good food and more epic workouts. 

Name: Luke Worthington AKA lukewtraining

Why we love them: Luke already has awards for ‘best trainer’ and ‘best home workouts’ under his belt and it’s no surprise! Follow his account for top tips!

What to look out for in 2021: We’re hoping to see Luke use his talent for stunning content, videos and more top tips next year. 

Name: Joe Wicks AKA thebodycoach

Why we love them: Joe has gone from strength to strength this year and his account is full of tasty recipes, fitness inspo and an energy we all need. If you don’t already follow him - you should! 

What to look out for in 2021: More great content, more great recipes, more Joe! 

Name: Courtney Fearon AKA TheHiitMan

Why we love them: PT Courtney has some great workout ideas alongside some much needed motivation. 

What to look out for in 2021: Great content, great workouts. 

Name: Alice Liveing AKA aliceliveing

Why we love them: Fitness tricks, nutrition tips and all round positivity. 

What to look out for in 2021: Endless energy, self-motivation and more of helping us feel good. 

We're all looking forward to a better and brighter 2021 and we can't wait to see our feed filled with energy and positivity from our favourite influencers to help make it great. We'd love to hear about the influencers who make you feel GREAT - just tag us using @vitlhealth to let us know!