Rise and Energise formula: what's inside?

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 30 Mar 2021

Our in-house Nutrition Team break down our ‘Rise and Energise’ product, explaining what the formula contains and how the ingredients help you feel energised.


According to national statistics, 43% of Britons frequently experience low energy levels. Aside from not getting enough sleep, a poor diet can contribute to low energy levels as certain micronutrients have a direct impact on energy metabolism, such as B vitamins and iron. 

Our Rise and Energise product contains

  • magnesium, 
  • iron, 
  • Co-enzyme Q10 
  • B vitamins 
  • Siberian ginseng

to ensure that you can feel your best everyday 1. Here’s how these nutrients help:

B vitamins are essential in many physiological and neurological processes that interplay with optimal energy levels. Studies have shown that B vitamins play a key role in maintaining mitochondrial function (mitochondria are the cells responsible for producing ATP - the biological unit of energy). 3 Research has shown that B vitamins have synergistic effects which means they are often bunched together into a B complex as they work better this way 2,3. In our Rise and Energise product, we have included the essential B vitamins for metabolism and the reduction of fatigue 4.

Symptoms such as weakness, fatigue and difficulty concentrating can be due to an iron deficiency, which is one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies in the world. 4 Studies have shown that supplementing with iron supplements for 12 weeks is beneficial in alleviating symptoms of low energy levels 5.

Another ingredient we feel is important for supporting energy levels is Siberian ginseng. It is known as an ‘adaptogen’ or herbal extract that may help to reduce symptoms of fatigue and support energy levels, making it the perfect addition to the blend. Siberian ginseng is best known for its roots that provide physical and mental stimulation 6, 7. A few clinical studies suggest that supplementing with ginseng may reduce fatigue within 4 to 12 weeks 8.

There is a strong body of evidence that suggests that biotin, magnesium and vitamin C are beneficial to the body’s energy metabolism 9. This is why they have been included in our Rise and Energise formulation. 

is fundamental in the energy production pathway but it also has a protective effect against cell damage (free radicals). It is deemed a powerful ‘antioxidant’ and has anti-inflammatory properties. The main reason for including this nutrient is that it may help to reduce the symptoms of fatigue 10,11, 12.

We have a spring in our step from just talking about these energising nutrients! Try our Rise and Energise product today to see how energised you feel.

Customer reviews: 

Many of our customers write to us delightedly that our supplements have positively impacted how they feel within a short space of time: “I can already feel my energy levels have increased after a few days!’ - Olga B.

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