Should you join a sport club? Here's the benefits

The VITL Nutrition Team / Oct 3, 2016

After leaving full-time education, many of us struggle to find the time to fit exercise into daily life. Giving up on sport after leaving school is a very common regret and many of us don't realise how the lack of sport affects us when we move into the workplace. Joining a sports club is a great way to stay, or get back into, a routine of exercising, not to mention a great way to meet new people!


Benefits of making time for sport:

Long-term health – it is well known that exercise can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer, however, a recent study published in the medical journal The Lancet suggests that if you work in a sedentary environment you should do around 1 hour of high/ moderate intensity exercise a day.

Focus at work – a misconception many people have is that adding sport into an already busy lifestyle will make you more tired. However, The International Journal of the History of Sport suggests that “multiple careers” can help motivate you and keep you focused. Dr. John Ratey, author of Spark – Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain also noted that you have raised focus for 2 to 3 hours after exercise, which could help you be at your best for a presentation, for example. Ratey notes that physical activity, which increases blood flow to the brain, can have long-term effects on brain aging.

Energy – regular physical activity can (and most likely will) strengthen your muscles. A study analysing 70 other studies with a total of 6,800 people published in the Psychological Bulletin discovered 90% of the studies show the same result – regular physical activity reduces tiredness and increases energy.   

Why joining a sports club can help:

Great motivation + goal setting – sometimes it's hard to drag yourself out of bed or make yourself leave work on time to make the gym. Having a group people or a set time to turn up to a session means it's easier to set goals and deadlines. Promising a friend you will see them at a session makes it even more likely you will make the effort to show. 

Socialising out of work – having a group of people to interact with who don’t do the same job as you means you can really switch off from work. It can be difficult to meet new people when moving to a new city or company so joining a sports club can be a great way to get set up with a group of friends that all share the same interest, plus you can socialise while getting some good exercise in. Twice the amount of fun!

So whether you want to get back into a sport you used to love or whether you want to try something completely new, look up a team near you today and get started!