Top tips for feeling tip top: positivity and wellbeing

Lauren Percival / Jul 20, 2016

Health and lifestyle blogger, Lauren Percival tells us her favourite ways to crank up the positive vibes...



I like to think that I am a positive person. I've always been a glass half full kinda gal and you will usually see me with a big smile on my face and a ridiculous cackle to boot, but sometimes other people, difficult situations and my anxiety can bring me down, until all of my positive intentions go right out of the window. 

Once you get into that negative state of mind, it can be difficult to pull yourself back out but I always try to lift myself up again. Here are a few little tips that I use to get those positive vibes flowing, and try to get back to my happy self.

Crank up the tunes

Music is a huge love of mine, I always have some form of tune playing in the background be it dancing around to the radio in my kitchen, going for a walk with my headphones in or having a car sing-along with my boyfriend. Here are some of my favourite feel good songs that always put a smile on my face whenever I hear them (even when I'm feeling particularly low) hopefully they'll put a smile on your face too!

Send me on my way - Rusted Root (90's kids, you'll probably remember this one from Matilda!)

You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall and Oates

Buddy Holly - Weezer

If It Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow

The Longest Time - Billy Joel (If you watch 'How I Met Your Mother', you'll get me!)

I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness

Cool For Cats - Squeeze

Waka Waka - Shakira

Hey ya - Outkast

One Week - Barenaked Ladies

Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis

Fresh air

Walking is one of my favourite things to do - just going for a brisk walk can give me a fresh perspective and helps to clear my mind. It's just me, the beautiful surroundings, my feet pounding away and my thoughts. Perfect.

Sleep it off

Naps are a gift from the gods. It's amazing what a twenty-minute power nap can do to boost your mood. Sometimes you need to just switch off from the world, curled up with your cosiest blanket, in your favourite pyjamas. Snooze away.

Social media free zone

As much as I love social media, it's nice to take some time for yourself offline every now and then. Read your favourite book, flick through a magazine, watch a few episodes of your current Netflix obsession, soak in a hot bath or grab a cuppa and a slice of cake with a friend. Social media can sometimes be the cause of negative feelings, so it's nice to log off and enjoy some well-deserved 'you time'.

Sweat it out

I love exercising, I find that it helps me to relax and also takes my mind off any negative feelings I might be dealing with. It doesn't have to be an hour long slog in the gym, just fifteen minutes of yoga, stretching or even dancing around your  living-room is enough to get that blood pumping, and releases those delightful feel-good endorphins.

Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is

Sometimes only chocolate will do - fact. I'm not talking about "eating your feelings", but the odd bar of chocolate while enjoying some quality time with my other half, best friend or even solo while watching 'Friend's' re-runs can really brighten my mood!

 I hope you enjoyed this positive vibes post, do you struggle with anxiety too? What are some of your top tips for getting back into a positive mindset? Let us know on Twitter!