Top tips for starting a new gym and exercise routine

Rachel O'Donnell / Jun 24, 2016

Here are my top tips to make starting the gym easier for you all, including some of the things I did to help me become the fitness freak I am today!


I often get contacted by new gym members who are worried about getting into the gym and starting a training routine. They are scared to come into the gym and have no idea where to start. If you feel like this, trust me I get it, I used to feel exactly the same, I used to hate the gym! But things have changed now; I love the gym and even the dreaded weights area!  So if you're terrified of the treadmill, try these easy first steps and you will feel at home in no time. 

Start at Home 

I initially started with at home workouts, following fitness videos with my own small weights. You can pick up some dumbbells or a Kettlebell quite cheaply and just use these to build your confidence. There are loads of YouTube Channels out there you can follow with some great at-home workouts.  

Book a PT Session

Some gyms will offer a free personal training session when you first sign up so take advantage of this if you can, but even if they don’t it is definitely a worthwhile investment.  Utilise their knowledge to show you bits of kit you are unsure of, check your technique and show you the best exercises to help you reach your goals. I had a complimentary session with a Personal Trainer when I first joined the gym. They provided me with a programme I felt comfortable following which really helped me and first sparked my passion for weight training.

Buddy Up

I initially started going to the gym with my boyfriend for support, we motivated each other to go and entertained each other whilst we were there! Our jobs mean we don’t get to train with each other very often anymore but I love it when we do. So if you can drag a friend along to the gym with you, this will half the fear factor and make working out more fun!

Slowly does it

3 times a week is enough for a beginner gym goer so don’t feel you need to go every day to get results. You can build up your weekly workouts as you get fitter and more confident, not forgetting those rest days! I would recommend starting with full body workouts, as you progress you can look into different workout splits.

Light Weights

Yes, you need to be working with a weight that challenges you but to begin with start light.  You can always add weight but you risk injury if you start with a weight that is too much for you.

I hope this helps any of you contemplating joining the gym to take the plunge and get in there!