Vitl Nutrition Team's self-care tips

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 10 Feb 2022

Have you been taking care of yourself? Our in-house nutritionists share their best self-care tips.


Valentine's Day, the saint’s day of love, has in recent years been commercialised. Over-priced, out-of-season flowers, expensive restaurants and headache-inducing sparkling wine can all somehow not be the romantic gesture that you are looking for.

We actually want to take this opportunity to bring you some tips for showing yourself some love. However cheesy that may seem, we are understanding more and more the importance of looking after you, as this is paramount to a happy and fulfilled life.

Create space

Treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you have for your friends and family. Either literally or figuratively, "Marie Kondo" your wardrobe or set aside some time to meditate and reflect.

Sleep (like a baby)

So underrated, yet so crucial for cognitive function, focus and self-control. Poor or insufficient sleep can cause everything from poor blood sugar control to inflammation to food cravings, poor recovery and even depression. Each morning this week, preferably within a couple of hours of waking, expose your eyes, ears, skin or entire body to at much natural sunlight as possible. Each night, eliminate as much artificial light exposure as possible, either by wearing blue light blocking glasses or limiting screen time. See if that helps the quality of your sleep.

Release yourself from toxic behaviours and people

Stick to habits that make you feel good and stop pushing yourself to do things that don’t really matter or don’t fulfil you enough. In your self love journey, people who truly accept you and love you will stick around. Those who won’t can take their own path.

Pamper 101

Spoil yourself a little with some pampering. Whether you love getting your nails done or getting a massage to release built-up stress, we suggest an activity that you enjoy but never get around to doing because life gets too busy! Taking a bubble bath with some epsom salts (for the extra magnesium to relax those muscles), or finally going to the hairdresser to get that new look you’ve been meaning to get for the past month, anything goes!

You may already have a skin care routine which you can stick to (well done!) but what about developing habits to help you feel your best self? Take any of the above tips and see how you can make small changes this Valentine’s day (and beyond).

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