What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Gemma Storey / Jun 15, 2016

Gemma Storey, now a Clinical Hypnotherapist, shares her first experience of hypnotherapy and explains how it has helped her overcome some emotional hurdles...


Hypnosis… well, it's not mind control that’s for sure! And I don't go stalking around in my top hat and cloak swinging a pocket watch in front of your eyes telling you that you're are getting sleepy while you lay on a couch in a creepy therapy room!

Hypnosis can feel different to each person as we are all individuals. However, the majority find it pleasant, calm and relaxing. You are completely safe during the hypnosis. Some say that there is no such feeling as a “hypnotized” feeling, everybody experiences it differently. For some, it just feels like you have your eyes closed and are listening to a voice, for others there is a pleasant feeling of either floating or feeling heavy with relaxation. In either case, the hypnosis allows the mind to quiet and focus and making the changes and solving issues that you otherwise could not solve in your day-to-day conscious mind.

Hypnosis deals with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind protects you from harm. It has the best positive intentions but can end up with negative outcomes, e.g. bad habits and behaviors. Hypnosis simply relaxes the mind so you can take in what is being said at a much deeper level than you normally would be able to. It also assists therapy by allowing you to leave your daily life behind and focus only on the session, thus bringing therapy to a more rapid conclusion and allowing you to achieve your goals.

So how can hypnosis help you?

It can bi-pass your mind’s old resistances

It can create healthy thought and behavioral patterns

It can help you re-connect with old positive skills and resources you may feel you’ve lost

It can help you disconnect from old limiting habits and behaviors

It can help balance the mind and body 

It can quiet ‘busy critical thinking’

It can reduce anxiety and stress

It can promote relaxation

When I first experienced hypnosis it was whilst dealing with big trauma and so I didn't focus on the hypnosis part. I didn't remember all of the feelings until I reflected afterward. I could think about it more afterwards because I had already gone through an emotional purge and clear out of my mind. I was originally focused on these emotions and stuck in a pattern of anxious behavior and other symptoms that meant I was not functioning well at all. Bluntly put, I was a total freaking mess! I hit my rock bottom.

Since the first time being hypnotized, subsequent experiences have just got better and better. There is an instant relaxation. In my world having spent most of my life being so uptight, I swear my shoulders had become attached to my earlobes! All of a sudden, I would hear the hypnotist say ‘sleep’ and bam! My shoulders would feel as though someone severed the ties and they would drop. It would feel so good, like a sort of release. Once I am in this hypnotic state then I am guided by the hypnotist depending on what it is I want to change. I can hear them speaking to me and I can hear background and ambient noise. I am totally aware but it’s also totally irrelevant and does not bother me or distract me at all. As soon as the hypnotist directs me to find something, off I go!

There is so much our brains can do and hypnosis certainly opened my mind. My own experience of hypnosis has been remarkable. I have enjoyed the sessions and been amazed by the instant and continued results. It has been long lasting too. You should be amazed at yourself and your potential and capabilities. Sometimes a little focus in the right direction away from the negative is all it takes.