Why you need to take this ONE thing throughout the festive season

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 19 Nov 2019

Mince pies, mulled wine, hectic travels and stress can really take a toll on your health during the festive season. However, there is ONE thing that could help support you along the way...


Staying healthy as the festive season rolls around can be tricky. Even with a healthy diet and fitness routine in place, the spontaneous get-togethers and party foods and drinks can threaten to derail your wellbeing routine. Other factors such as stress from being around family again, pressure on your immunity during travels, and a lack of sunshine can make you feel less than 100%.

Realistically, the key to staying healthy during the silly season is moderation. Practising moderation in things like dessert limits and alternating your alcoholic drinks with water can tame temptations and make them more manageable. Setting limits and goals throughout the season will also help you moderate the number of naughty treats and gym visits you skip. 

But if there really is one tip we think is worth considering this silly season, we recommend making the Essential One a part of your wellbeing routine. It can help fill in the gaps when you’re diet isn’t entirely perfect (hello mince pies!) Not only will it support you through the season, it is designed to uniquely support your diet and lifestyle according to your health goals. We believe in supplement transparency and clean ingredients, therefore the Essential One is free from harmful bulking agents, anti-caking agents, artificial colours, sugar, gluten and preservatives while being vegan, non-GMO. We’re so convinced you’ll love how easy it is to take that extra step in supporting your nutrition that we’re giving away FREE 30-day trials this Black Friday! It is never too late to take action on your health, so why not get started today?