What you'll discover

Think of it like an MOT for your health

You'll get a thorough analysis of all the following key nutrients, shown to have the greatest impact on wellbeing and long-term health

Vitamin D
Ferritin (Iron)
Active B12

Plus a FULL breakdown of your cholesterol

Total Cholesterol
HDL Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol
Cholesterol Ratio

You'll also get detailed, personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations from a qualified nutritionist, and we'll even formulate a bespoke pack of vitamins tailored to your results

How it works

We'll send you everything you need in the post. It just takes a few minutes to do a quick finger-prick test and don't worry, you never even see the needle

Once you've sent your sample in the pre-paid post bag to our lab, our in-house nutritionists will provide your results alongside personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations

Your results will be processed within a few days and we recommend you stay track of these key markers with a new blood test every 3 months

Inside each kit

We'll send you everything you need to take your test wherever and whenever suits you best. You'll also receive a short guide to walk you through each simple step of the sample collection process

Your health data

We use the latest encryption technology so you never have to worry about your data

Only the nutritionist making your personalised recommendations will get access to your results

We take security very seriously to ensure you have absolute control over your data