Unlock the secrets of your DNA

To find out how to work with your genes, you first need to know what they're telling you

With this test - which only requires a saliva sample you can take at home - you'll access nutritional insights that'll last a lifetime about these key genetic traits:

Metabolic rate
Vitamin D levels
Alcohol sensitivity
Digestion & IBS
Efficient use of dietary fat
The fat gene
Caffeine metabolism
Iron uptake
Vitamin B12 uptake
Fat vs muscle composition
Folate levels
Vitamin B6 uptake
Omega 3 & 6 metabolism
Vitamin C uptake

We create a detailed report which explains why you're more likely to respond in particular ways to certain types of food or activity - and what you can do about it to work with your body

How it works

The test itself is remarkably simple: you take a saliva sample from the inside of your cheek and return it to our lab for analysis

Our in-house nutritionists analyse how your unique genetic code affects your body's natural responses to certain diet and lifestyle choices, and help you to make more informed choices about how to work with your genes

Then in around 6 weeks we'll notify you that your results and personalised recommendations are ready to view in the app

Inside each kit

The kit contains everything you need to take your test at home, and a short guide that walks you through the sample collection process

  • 1 x instruction manual
  • 1 x swab
  • 1 x prepaid post bag

Your health data

We use the latest encryption technology so you never have to worry about your data

We take security very seriously to ensure you have absolute control over your personal information

VITL is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant