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DNA Nutrition Test

Unlock the secrets of your DNA

$ 199.00

One-off Kit

Unlock the secrets of your DNA

To find out how to work with your genes, you first need to know what they're telling you

With this test - which only requires a saliva sample you can take at home - you'll access nutritional insights that'll last a lifetime about these key genetic traits:

How it works

1. Take a saliva sample from your cheek

2. Send it to our lab for analysis

3. Receive your DNA nutrition report

Your DNA traits

Iron levels

Folate levels

Vitamin B12 uptake

Caffeine metabolism

Metabolic rate

The fat gene

Fat vs. muscle

Vitamin C uptake

Vitamin B6 uptake

Vitamin D availability

Digestion & IBS

Alcohol sensitivity

Efficient use of dietary fat

Omega 3 & 6 metabolism

Vitamin A


Your health data

We use the latest encryption technology so you never have to worry about your data

We take security very seriously to ensure you have absolute control over your data


Easy to collect and send off the sample with clear instructions on how to do it. The thorough and detailed results were hugely helpful. Really useful and insightful way to shape your nutrition and health tailored specifically to you.

Zayna, London

The Vitl DNA test kit brought my attention to other aspects of my health and fitness I'd never even considered and has helped to take control of different variables within my life for better results.

Joe, North Yorkshire

I think it's super. You get sent a little package, you swab your cheek and send it back, it's that simple. You find out how likely you are to be low in vitamins, I think this is just so useful to know. Really thorough and so useful.

Lizzie, London

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