How It Works

Using advanced diagnostic technology - delivered through a free mobile app - we create personalised packs of high quality supplements to get you at your best

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Complete a consultation

Download our app and answer a series of questions about your health and lifestyle

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Review your results

Read your health report and check out the vitamins we've recommended just for you

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Order your personalised pack

Buy directly through the app and receive your vitamins through your letterbox every month

Tailor-made Vitamins & Content

Check out your recommended vitamins, formulated by experts and configured for your individual nutritional needs. Then purchase your personalised vitamin pack and access a world of bespoke content, all from within the app.

Delivered To Your Door

Choose from a range of subscription options, from a one-off pack to a quarterly payment plan. Each letterbox-friendly pack contains 28 tearable daily strips of your personalised vitamins and will be delivered to you every month.

Available from the App Store

From the online consultation in our mobile app, we generate a free and in-depth health report, create bespoke packs of vitamins and send personalised advice and tips based on your diet and lifestyle.