Protein Superblends

Lean plant-based protein powders, enriched with vitamins and minerals - perfect post workout or for a daily energy boost

Chocolate Superblend

Packed with natural nourishment, this delicious chocolate-flavoured protein powder provides a whopping 17g of protein per serving.

We know what you’re whey! And you’re right, our clean, lean protein powder is made from hemp and pea, which means it’s dairy free and vegan friendly.

For an added bonus, it’s also enriched with carefully selected vitamins and minerals to support protein synthesis, energy levels and a healthy metabolism.

Vanilla Superblend

Synthetic colours and flavours have no place in your protein powder. That’s why this clean, lean protein powder uses natural vanilla extracts for a truly scrumptious shake.

It's enriched with extra vitamins and minerals and gives you 17g of protein per serving. Not only delicious on its own, it’s also the natural choice for protein-packed cakes, bakes and pancakes.