Recycling your Vitl box

Follow these simple instructions to prepare your Vitl box for recycling

Before starting

Remove any inserts. These are made from fully recyclable material so can go straight in the recycling bin.

Step 1 - Cut the sides

Use a pair of scissors to cut along both sides of the box

Step 2 - Cut the plastic

Again using the scissors, cut the plastic band in half

Step 3 - Separate the box halves

Separate the two parts of the box as per the image below

Step 4 - Remove the plastic band

Peel away the plastic band from the box (on the opposite side from where you cut it previously)

Step 5 - Remove bottom magnet & ribbon

Use scissors to cut the card like in the image below. This will reveal a magnet and inner ribbon which need to be removed

Step 6 - Remove top magnet

Again, use scissors to cut into the card and reveal the magnet inside which should be removed.


Recycle the various components according to your local authority’s recycling facilities and capabilities. Thank you for helping us look after our planet!