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When did you last get a proper check up?

Find out your vitamin and cholesterol levels and discover what's really going on inside


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What you'll discover

Think of it like an MOT for your health

You'll get a thorough analysis of all the following key nutrients, shown to have the greatest impact on wellbeing and long-term health


You'll also get detailed, personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations from a qualified nutritionist, and we'll even formulate a bespoke pack of vitamins tailored to your results

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D



Plus a FULL breakdown of your cholesterol

Total cholesterol

HDL cholesterol

LDL cholesterol


Cholesterol ratio

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Improve your health

a quick and easy finger prick from the comfort of your own home

pop it in the prepaid post bag and get your results in just 

2 - 3 working days

with dietary advice and personalised vitamins  tailored to your results

How it works

What our customers think

Y. Kang

"I started with a blood test and was quite surprised by the results, I'd been taking totally unnecessary vitamins for years!! 

I started with my personalised vitamin pack after identifying what I needed exactly and the change has been AMAZING. My energy levels are through the roof!"

Why choose VITL?

Better value



Not only do we cost less, we'll also provide you with a full detailed analysis for each biomarker as well as dietary recommendations 

Get free delivery and take your test from the comfort of your own home. No need for needles or appointments

Our lab meets all CPA (ISO 15189) standards and all your results will be approved by a qualified nutritionist

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