2020 health trends: what we're here for

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 27 Jan 2020

This 2020, we’re all about getting up to speed with the latest in health. We’ve been keeping a close eye on wellness news and events to bring you the top 5 trends for the year to come.


1. Plant-based

350,000 people signed up for Veganuary 20201 and therefore the prediction for plant-based popularity to soar is off to a promising start. This lifestyle choice has gone further than protesting against animal cruelty; it has become a form of self-expression, a contribution to the fight against climate calamity and a way to reform your health. Just ensure that you do your research, and don’t use veganism as an excuse to increase your consumption of simple carbohydrates and refined sugar.

Our Personalised Pack can help you achieve your health goals through a plant-based diet by providing you with specific nutrients which are reduced or even lacking in a vegan diet. We can offer you a daily dose of Vitamin B12, otherwise only obtained from animal sources, as well as a vegan Omega 3, also found in chia seeds, hemp seeds, kidney beans and seaweed. And if you’re looking to further support your nutrition this year, the DNA Nutrition Test can further inform you how likely you are to absorb particular vitamins and minerals, making this your best year yet for manifesting a healthier you.

2. Alcohol alternatives

More and more people are choosing to cut down or avoid alcohol altogether. The benefits of doing so make this decision an incredibly appealing one, despite the initial apprehension you may feel about saying ‘see ya’ to Saturday night Sambucas. Imagine a great night out with no hangover! Although alcohol has historically been used as a sedative, studies have found evidence that alcohol impairs sleep quality (including insomnia and extended sleep latency)2. Not only are many alcoholic drinks high in sugar which has been shown to cause inflammation in the body3, but alcohol has also been shown to have negative effects on the brain including impairments in memory, reasoning and depression4.

Why not use the money you will save this weekend to take our DNA Nutrition Test? This can reveal your likelihood of being alcohol intolerant and the way in which your body metabolises fat and sugar, which will be taken into consideration when recommending your personalised supplements. If dubious, try implementing the change slowly; one alcohol-free day each week, one alcohol-free week each month, one alcohol-free month each year! 

3. Sleep Improvement

If you’ve been keeping an eye on health trends in the last year, you will have seen a boom in sleep science, firmly establishing it as a key piece of the health puzzle. Vitl is totally on board with this conclusion; our nutritionists have gathered research to create our ‘Tranquility pill’ which contains Magnesium to support your nervous system5 and Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb that has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety for a night of calm and restorative sleep6. Your genetic profile can tell us more about your sleep behaviour including teeth grinding and movement, as well as suggesting a fast or slow metabolism of caffeine. 

Besides learning more about your sleep habits, we believe in cultivating a sleep routine to help you wind down; a ten-minute stretching session, reading a chapter of your book, banning screens in the bedroom and even get an alarm clock if you currently use your phone! Perhaps you might keep a gratitude journal, writing down three things you are thankful for each day as a short meditation before slipping off to the land of nod. 

4. Floatation therapy 

Flotation tanks contain supersaturated Epsom saltwater solution, allowing you to float effortlessly. They are perfectly temperature-controlled to skin temperature so once you are settled, it’s impossible to tell which parts of your body are in the water and which are not. They’re also light and sound-proof to help you disconnect completely from the outside world and reconnect with your inner peace. The one caveat is finding these magical floatation tanks but thankfully, due to their increasing popularity, more floatation centres are set to open across the UK this year

Ed Hawley, Director of Floatworks float centre in London explains "There is a huge shift towards holistic mind-body practices in wellbeing; meditation apps are on the rise, the yoga sensation continues to grow, and floating has grown dramatically in North America and Australia in the last couple of years, and now the UK has started to catch on. At Floatworks we are popular with a broad range of people from stressed-out city workers; pregnant mums to be; high-level athletes and creatives looking to expand their minds."

5. Getting physical

With the UK fitness industry now worth over £5 billion7 there seems to be something new every week to try!. From home workout apps, wearable gadgets recording your every hop, skip and jump, and immersive 37˚C yoga pods to keep things exciting. What works best for your friend, may not best serve you; our DNA test can help point you in the right direction by investigating traits such as muscle vs. fat composition as well as whether you’re likely to benefit more from a strength-based or cardio workout. Depending on your results, you can be assured that building your strength or cardio routine is best for you individually. Exercise should be about mental clarity as well as the physical focus, so look for ways to insert mindful and relaxing activities into your fitness routine. 

Let’s scrap the well-worn idea of ‘New Year, New You’ and work on gradually adjusting your goals by making small changes to your current daily habits. Start simple, keep consistent and drop us a line at any time (via email at info@vitl.com) with any wellness questions that might be on your mind as we set foot on the path of another roaring twenties! You can also clarify what your genes say when it comes to wellness and take advantage of our DNA Nutrition Test (which is currently 40% off at £69 until the 31st of January!) Lastly, and especially if you’re considering adding more vegan meals to your diet this year, consider trying out our Personalised Pack supplements free-trial to make sure you’re never lacking the nutrients vegans and vegetarians need most. 

2020 is going to be the year about wellness that is as unique as YOU!