Healthy habits for healthy & happy kids

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 25 Jan 2022

Our in house nutritionists sit down with us and discuss setting healthy habits for kids, its importance and how to do it.


We constantly hear about setting healthy habits for adults, but the importance of developing healthy habits for kids is rarely mentioned. As parents, sometimes it's quite hard to balance all aspects of life, but, no matter what, we always want to prioritise our kids, their health and success.

Read below 5 tips that can set you and your kids up for success:


Children love routines as it gives them a sense of stability and assurance. We recommend setting a bedtime as sleep is fundamental for all areas of health, developing healthy brain function and supporting growth and recovery. Another important point on routines is working on YOUR routine too. Children are constantly watching and learning from us, you are the role model, so if you eat a healthy breakfast or set an alarm to wake up at your usual time chances are your children will fall into their routines more easily.

Meal times

Plan the family meals for the week ahead, aim for balanced and nutritious dishes served at consistent times.


Even though winter can be quite chilly with frosty mornings try to wrap up warm and go for a walk around the block or go to the local playground to let off some steam. Fresh air can do wonders for the mood and may help alleviate the season blues.

Make time for breakfast

Waking up a little bit earlier to ensure that your kids can have breakfast is important. It also allows for a bit of time to wake up before the rush to school starts.

Healthy snacking

Keep healthy snacks such as fruit, crackers with cream cheese, raw veggies & dip to hand for when the kids come home from school or for them to take with them to eat during break times. Nourishing your children with the right foods will ensure that the bodies are functioning to the best it can be. Another point to consider is to talk to your kid about nutrition and perhaps the difference between why an apple is healthier than a mars bar.

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