Tips for becoming the best version of yourself

The VITL Nutrition Team

We all want to become the best versions of ourselves, but sometimes it's hard to know where and how to start. Our in-house nutritionists share their top tips for self-development!


“The only way that we can live, is if we grow”

Ok so self-development may not be your thing at all, but whether or not you agree with the quote above, feeling good about yourself shouldn’t be too far away from the top of your agenda. But how do we do it? Where is the best place to start? It can definitely feel overwhelming with the amount of different information coming from friends, family, media and other information channels. Here we outline 5 tips that may help you along the way...

Think BIG…but not too big

Having dreams and aspirations is beneficial to give us direction, whether they are professional goals or personal ones. Thinking big will give us a long term perspective to work towards but if our goal is too big, it can also have the opposite effect. You may feel stuck and not know where to go next because your goal is unrealistic. The way goals are set is very important; start from the beginning. We’ll need to take lots of small steps to become who we envision.

Believe in yourself

Whether we give ourself a high five in the mirror every morning or use affirmation quotes such as ‘I can do it’ on a daily basis, giving ourselves that extra boost can positively affect how we view ourself. Not feeling like we are good enough and harbouring negative thoughts about our abilities holds us back. The words we tell ourselves are often the most important words we will hear, so being kind to ourselves isa must.

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

It is absolutely fine (and normal) to make mistakes or feel unmotivated from time to time as we grow. Progress is not linear, but instead it is full of ups and downs! You can skip the gym if you are not feeling like it today, and if your body is craving that chocolate cake, then go for it, and enjoy every single piece of it! Indulging in those desires once in a while is not failing; giving up is. So be kind to yourself and leave space for the 7 year old child in you to act as it wants without judgement or punishment!

Step out of your comfort zone

This is so much easier said than done, but stop for a moment and take a step back. What are you currently doing? Are you cruising or are you progressing? Becoming the best version of yourself means you may need to face the fear just a little bit. When we do this, then our growth and development increases in leaps and bounds.

Focus on wellbeing habits

In order to be the best 'you' possible, it’s important to look after your body. Drinking enough water helps us to clear toxins, stay hydrated and think more clearly. Healthy, nutritious food is fundamental to feeling good and allows our bodies to function optimally. Vitamins and minerals are only part of the equation. Getting outside and breathing fresh air regularly can do wonders for our health. Good health is the foundation to a fulfilled life. 

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