Tips to get through the summer months

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 15 Jun 2021

Summer is finally here! Our nutrition team give you 5 tips to help you stay cool this summer.


1. Drink plenty of water

Yes this goes without saying, with summer comes higher temperatures which can leave your body dehydrated. You can add lemon, cucumber, ginger or berries to your water bottle to spice things up! 

2. Wear SPF

Another obvious one, but just as important! Over-exposure can lead to damage of our skin cells so if you are planning to chill in the park between 10am-4pm do apply sunscreen (and reapply every 2 hours). You can check the UV levels in your area with this snazzy tracker. 

3. Keep up the exercise routine

Although the temperature may make it less bearable to exercise, it's important to keep going! So don't go hiding your running shoes in the cupboard. Avoid exercising in the blazing sun and take it inside if it's too hot. 

4. Use your chopping board

Summer often has us running to the nearest ice cream van to get a creamy refreshment but instead look to use your chopping board as the main kitchen utensil. The abundance of many local and fresh ingredients means that even the most boring salad can be a delicious experience for your palette. Look for vegetables that are local and have a deep colour to them (as these contain more goodness). 

5. Find a balance

Summer is the time for garden parties and BBQ's which means this comes with lots of eating and drinking and being merry. Keep an eye out for overeating and make sure that your plate is still as varied as it can be! 

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