VITL supplements: putting vitamin D in space

The Vitl Nutrition Team / Apr 1, 2016

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully sent our first VITL nutrition packs into space for what marks the beginning of VITL’s Beyond Global Strategy.


Joshua Byerly, a spokesman at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. “We do provide vitamin D supplements for the crews because the food system doesn’t have many sources of vitamin D, and because spacecraft are shielded to block ultraviolet light (one of the ways the body makes vitamin D)” Additionally “some crews opt to take other vitamins or supplements (in consultation with their flight surgeons)”

Information on the NASA website, show they understand that nutrition is vital for keeping the space crew healthy. “Astronauts are what they eat, too. To better understand connections between nutrition and health, researchers measured astronauts’ dietary intake, body composition, and more than 60 vitamins and minerals before, during and after spaceflight.” Results showed decreases in their dietary intake hence the increased need for supplemental support.

Jonathan Relph, the founder of VITL, commented “We are super excited to support the modern space traveler and it’s also an important milestone in our Beyond Global strategy as we look to a long term future in which the market migrates to a multi-planetary status. VITL is all about delivering quality nutrition to busy people with busy lives and for too long the market has neglected the space traveler, despite their important work. With our convenient daily supplement strips designed to be taken anywhere, anytime, we’re delighted to say this now includes on your way to outer space”.

Whether you're and astronaut, busy mum or just in need of a nutritional boost, order at to have your pack delivered to your door.