5 top foods for guys this summer

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 23 Jul 2018

Summer's most definitely here, bringing with it all kinds of delicious treats we all want to get our hands on. But if you’re worried about losing all the hard work you put into getting that summer bod, fear not! Help is at hand.


VITL's in-house performance nutritionist, Gareth Nicholas is here with a few summer healthy (and tasty!) eating hacks to help guys stay on track this summer.

1. Low-fat whey ice cream

With all this hot weather, ice cream is high on the agenda. The problem is that ice cream is generally relatively high in sugar and fat, with a small amount of protein. Try a low-fat whey ice cream as an alternative - as the fat and sugar content comes down, the protein level increases. A great combination to keep that lean look while supporting muscle development. After all, summer wouldn’t be summer without ice cream.

2. Fruit smoothies 

There's no better way to get over those long warm nights than a refreshing fruit smoothie for breakfast. Try adding banana, apple, kale, mint and ginger. A zingy hit with plenty of low glycaemic carbs, packed with dietary fibre, potassium, vitamin A, B6, C, magnesium, iron and zinc: a great vitamin and mineral mix for any man. For a morning protein boost, add 1/2 a serving of protein powder to help get your day off to the perfect start. 

3. BBQ salmon 

You've opened the back door and all you can smell is the neighbour's BBQ. Well as they say, if you can't join them...beat them! Rather than racking up the calories with saturated fat and red meat, why not try a nice fillet of salmon instead? Tasty, light and bursting with protein, B vitamins, vitamin D and those all-important essential fatty acids - omega 3's - the world’s natural nutrient to support heart and brain health. Try adding some sweet chilli sauce for a bit of extra flavour! 

4. Watermelon 

Craving a light snack in the afternoon? Rather than heading over to the vending machine for a sweet choccy snack, why not tuck into some mouth-watering watermelon. Naturally high in antioxidants such as vitamin C and citrulline to help combat those unwanted free radicals that cause illness and disease. Citrulline has also been linked with supporting sexual health and improving blood flow, thanks to its conversion to arginine in the body. Watermelon is also 92% water and bursting with electrolytes, perfect to help maintain hydration on a sunny summers day. 

5. Avocado 

An avocado contains nearly 20 nutrients including potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and a healthy serving of monosaturated fat. The healthy fats that form an essential part of any man's diet. Avocado is also naturally sugar and salt free, and is a good source of magnesium - a nutrient that can be low in men. Try adding avocado into salads, sandwiches, smoothies; you can even spread it on toast. Don’t mind if I do! 

Summer can still be full of yummy eats, but there’s no harm in putting in that extra effort to choose the healthier option where possible!