Healthy Christmas gift ideas

The Vitl Nutrition Team / 18 Dec 2018

Struggling to find a gift for a friend whose as fanatical about health as we are?! Or hoping to find a healthy, fitness-focused gift for a special friend? We’ve compiled a short list to lend you a helping hand.


Raw coconut oil for hair by Sister&Co

An indulgent hair care Christmas gift containing coconut, argan, and macadamia oils to help replenish your hair during these harsher winter months. All their products use natural ingredients with the aim to rejuvenate and nourish both your skin and hair!

Their new range of bath salts contains 84 minerals essential for daily health that all help to detoxify, balance hormones, and relieve tension and stress. A lovely relaxing gift for the Christmas break.
Vegan-friendly vitamin D3 softgels to support the maintenance of healthy bones, teeth, muscles and the immune system. Vitamin D3 is mostly obtained through direct sunlight exposure, which can be particularly sparse during the winter months. A small and thoughtful gift because we know that looking after your loved ones is what's most important at Christmas!

Foam roller

A staple for any fitness fanatic. The technical term for foam rolling is Self Myofascial Release (SMR) and is one of the most effective forms of muscle relief. There’s plenty of options out there including ones for deep tissue release or try a narrower roller which is less intense.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Instead of a standard candle as a gift this year, upgrade to an essential oil diffuser: a small device that uses water and ultrasonic vibration to vaporise essential oils in the air, providing benefits for general health and well being. Also, many candles (both scented and unscented) are often made with toxic paraffin wax which can give off dangerous fumes. Take a peek at the Aukey Essential Oil Diffuser or the Muji Aroma Diffuser
Give a family member or friend the gift of health this Christmas with a Vitl DNA test. A simple at home swab test will provide insights into your body’s natural predispositions to things like resistance training, fat storage, caffeine metabolism, alcohol tolerance, absorption of a variety of vitamins, and more!

Blendactive by Breville 

The perfect gift for any health-conscious individual to help get their new year off to the right start. Not only will it serve up some delicious smoothies, but the attachment is your bottle, so you can just blend and go!

Bamboo charcoal by Space NK 

A 100% natural (and vegan!) soap bar intended for both the face and body, designed to gently cleanse and detoxify the skin, leaving a smooth and radiant appearance. Specifically, activated bamboo charcoal helps to absorb excess sebum (natural skin oils) and impurities from deep within the skin.

Whilst some might groan at the thought of another pair of socks for Christmas, these add a whole new touch to the giving spirit. With their wear a pair, share a pair initiative - for every pair bought, another pair is donated to a local homeless charity. A small token gift that goes a long way this winter.

PS. Seen something you fancy for yourself? Why not forward this list to a friend to drop some not-so-subtle hints? ;-)