Health and wellbeing trend predictions for 2018

The VITL Nutrition Team / 3 Jan 2018

So, 2018, whatchya got for us?


1. Bouncing 

According to NASA, bouncing is “the most efficient exercise yet devised by man” and 3 times more effective than running, which can put a strain on your back, lower limbs and joints due to its high impact. No wonder, then, that bounce studios and bounce fitness classes have started popping up all over the place. Not only do they sound like a whole load of fun, the 1hr classes burn 700+ calories and are said to even help increase bone density.  

Featuring a mix of choreographed dance-cardio and muscle toning, ((BOUNCE)) instructor, Joanna Davis says “It's fun, friendly and fierce with one requirement: you can't jump without a smile!”  

2. Floatation therapy 

Flotation tanks contain supersaturated Epsom salt water solution, allowing you to float effortlessly. They are perfectly temperature-controlled to skin temperature so once you are settled, it’s impossible to tell which parts of your body are in the water and which are not. They’re also light and sound-proof to help you disconnect completely from the outside world and reconnect with your inner peace.

The one caveat is finding these magical floatation tanks but thankfully, due to their increasing popularity, more floatation centres are set to open across the UK this year

Ed Hawley, Director of Floatworks float centre in London explains "There is a huge shift towards holistic mind-body practices in wellbeing; meditation apps are on the rise, the yoga sensation continues to grow, and floating has grown dramatically in North America and Australia in the last couple of years, and now the UK has started to catch on. At Floatworks we are popular with a broad range of people from stressed-out city workers; pregnant mums to be; high-level athletes and creatives looking to expand their minds. It continues to grow, too, and we are opening more centre this year in London"

3. Discovering the secrets of your DNA

Everybody is different and what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another, which is possibly most obvious when it comes to diet and exercise. However, working out how to really optimize your diet and fitness routine hasn’t been particularly straightforward, especially without access to your own army of nutritionists and trainers, and a whole load of trial and error. But now it’s easier than ever to discover with pinpoint accuracy what does and doesn’t work for you, and all from the comfort of your own home with a simple saliva test.

Thanks to recent scientific advancements in the understanding of the human genome, you can now find out what your body really wants and what it really wishes you would do differently. That's why we've just launched the new VITL DNA Nutrition test so you can find out which vitamins and minerals you’re at risk of being deficient in, how you’re likely to respond to certain foods, caffeine, and alcohol and how you’re best programmed to eat and exercise. We’ll also send you a full personalised report from our team of in-house nutritionists with dietary and lifestyle recommendations designed to complement your genetic profile.  

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4. Vegetables!

Yes, they’ve been around for, well, forever but this year we think veggies are finally going to get the spotlight. The environmental impact of eating meat is not the only reason why more and more people are turning to a plant-based diet or just simply reducing the amount of meat they consume. With trends like ‘Meat-free Monday’ and ‘Veganury’ catching on, and big brands like Pret-A-Manger launching vegan-only ranges, it’s becoming more fashionable to cut back on animal products get more adventurous with veggies.

5. Blood testing  

Forget waiting until you’re ill to find out if something isn’t working right. With at-home blood testing, you can keep ahead of your vital statistics and keep a close eye on your internal health, helping you identify when you’re falling short of certain vitamins and minerals without needing to book in at the doctors. As the world of healthcare shifts from solutions-based to prevention-based, getting insights on these crucial health markers is set to become part of our natural health and wellbeing routines in 2018.

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6. Gut health 

The gut microbiome has become a great focus of attention in the science community over recent years leading to massive discoveries about the impact the gut, which is rightfully known as the ‘second brain’, has on all areas of health, including weight, sleep, immunity, long-term diseases, and even moods and mental health

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