Health news: quitting sugar, low-protein diet and sleep

The VITL Nutrition Team / Aug 21, 2017

Not been feeling yourself lately? You could need a nap. Plus, find out how many times a day you really should be eating protein.


1. Not feeling yourself lately? It could be time to hit the hay

According to a recent study, people who are sleep deprived lose some of their ability to be positive-minded. Medical experts point out that an inability to think positively is a serious symptom of depression that could be dangerous if left unaddressed. Try these 3 doctor-approved sleep tips

2. How often should you be eating protein?

According to new research, eating protein at all three meals may help stave off muscle decline in your older years. It's usually easy enough to add protein to lunch or dinner, but many of us struggle when it comes to breakfast, so why not try this caramelized banana and quinoa porridge recipe?

3. A great excuse to make plans with your friends

According to Psychologist Susan Pinker in a recent TED video, close personal relationships and face-to-face interactions are key to a long, healthy life.

4. The gut-boosting magic of breastmilk

The next big thing in gut health could be sugar made from human breast milk. According to scientists, not only does it work wonders nourishing newborns, it's also magic for your microbiome. Scientists have now worked out how to synthesize this particular sugar found in breast milk, which is great news for anyone having trouble breastfeeding as well as anyone with gut troubles

5. Even if you don't lose weight, quitting sugar has significant health benefits

Especially when it comes to fructose. "Fructose provides no nutritional value and isn't metabolized in the brain. Your body converts it to fat, but doesn't recognize that you've eaten, so the hunger doesn't go away," explains Tyree Winters, DO, an osteopathic paediatrician. Cutting back on this simple sugar, found mostly in fruits but also now in many sweet and baked goods in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, could help prevent obesity, fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you should stop eating fruit, these are the sugars to watch out for

Protein-packed recipe inspiration from the VITL Life blog: