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Festival guide: tips to look good and feel good

Summer festival season is upon us! With every weekend of summer becoming social whirl of events, it is easy fall into habits that leave you feeling lethargic and out of shape. Like everything, it is important have fun and enjoy life to the full, but if you can do that whilst looking after your health too, what’s not to like?

Do oral contraceptives affect vitamin levels?

Hormonal contraception has become a revolutionary drug with an effective track record, but studies have shown that women who use oral contraceptives (also known as birth control) increase their need for certain nutrients. Find out which nutrients you may be lacking in if you're on the pill and what foods can help.

Vegan, gluten-free carrot cake

Although the Easter classics don’t tend to provide a great deal of nutrition, here is a recipe packed full of beneficial ingredients that won’t sacrifice taste or exclude vegan and gluten-free eaters.

Vegan hot cross buns

Delight the whole family with this classic Easter treat this bank holiday weekend.

Is your body trying to tell you something?

This World Health Day we want to encourage you to check in with your health and discover how personalised nutrition can help you live life better!

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