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Mushrooms: immune-boosting, high antioxidants and more

Studies show that mushrooms contain unusually high amounts of two key antioxidants, leading scientists to suggest they could help improve lifespan and fight against ageing.

The Vitl Nutrition Team / Nov 17, 2019

Fillers: what are they and are they bad for you?

Unlike with Vitl, you'll find fillers and bulking agents on many supplement and vitamin ingredients lists. So what are they and why should you be avoiding them?

5 top foods for guys this summer

Summer's most definitely here, bringing with it all kinds of delicious treats we all want to get our hands on. But if you’re worried about losing all the hard work you put into getting that summer bod, fear not! Help is at hand.

Weight loss supplements: Do they work?

As the summer holiday season kicks off, many of us might find ourselves in a last-minute panic about whether or not we’re “beach body ready” but are weight loss supplements the answer? In-house Nutritionist Kathryn Fielding takes a look...

How food affects your mood

We’ve all experienced chocolate cravings for that little boost of joy when we’re really feeling it, but new research has indicated an added dimension to how food can affect our moods...

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