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Essential vitamins and nutrients for endurance runners

Good nutrition is a big part of enhancing endurance performance. Most often carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the primary focus, leaving micronutrients to be forgotten. I am not disputing the fact that being on a low carbohydrate diet can have an adverse impact on the performance of an endurance runner but there is a downside to paying less attention to micronutrients.

Anandini Swaminathan Msc / 11 Aug 2016

Post-workout banana and spinach protein shake recipe

There are specific nutrients that can help your muscles and body recover quicker, allow your muscle density to build, and help prevent injury or illne ...

Libby Limon BSc NT mBANT / 4 Aug 2016

Travelling: 5 ways you can stay fit and healthy

You rarely see ‘healthy’ and ‘travelling’ in the same sentence. We’ve all used the excuse “I’m on holiday!” but when you are travelling for months on ...

Evie Plumb / 2 Aug 2016

What to consider when signing up for an Ironman

If you don’t know what and Ironman is then let me explain, an Ironman is one race that consists of a 2.4-mile swim, followed by a 112-mile bike ride, ...

Emily Young / 22 Jul 2016

Fitness advice: the best ways to recover from a run

The Fit Advisor and star runner, Helena Knightly shares her top tips for recovering after running. ...

Helena Knightly / 13 Jul 2016

Coconut oil: weight loss, endurance and performance uses

Top Sports Nutritionist, Rianne Costello debunks some of the misconceptions about coconut oil, its uses, where we get it from, how it works for us and ...

Rianne Costello MSc BSc (Hons) / 13 Jul 2016