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CrossFit: what you can expect at your first class

If you still don’t know what Crossfit is then firstly ‘Where have you been hiding?' But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We're going to give you the run-down of what Crossfit is, why it’s so special, how to find a good box (studio) and what you might expect to come across in a WoD (workout of the day).

Alison Paton / 8 Sept 2015

Why drinking cold brew tea is better for your heatlh

Cold Brew Tea has been a big hit this summer, here Bluebird Tea Co. founder Krisi Smith explains the health benefits of one of our favourite trends. ...

Bluebird Tea Co. / 1 Sept 2015

Easy ways you can get your 5-a-day and live healthier

For most people getting 5 a day into their diet is a daunting prospect, as only 30% of the population currently manage to eat 5 a day. However, it onl ...

Libby Limon BSc NT mBANT / 27 Aug 2015

3 healthy juice recipes to kick-start your day

It is said that the body has the ability to naturally detox itself. However, we often don’t give it the chance. Feeding it with overly processed and s ...

Alison Paton / 17 Aug 2015

Cacao and almond chia pudding recipe, dairy-free

This chia pudding has such a great chocolatey nutty taste, it feels like it should be unhealthy! ...

Kimberley Welsh / 10 Aug 2015

Omega 3: health benefits and why your body needs it

Most people have heard of omega-3 fatty acid supplements yet, in my clinical experience, not many people take them on a regular basis. However, most o ...

Libby Limon BSc NT mBANT / 4 Aug 2015